​Game of Thrones Creator George R.R. Martin: “I Don’t Think It Should Be The Final Season”

While we are all extremely eager for its final show of all Game of Thronesto property, we understand its coming will be bittersweet – since it will also indicate the conclusion of this favorite HBO Mundane.

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We are not the only ones not prepared for the series to come to a conclusion.

Daenerys Targaryen. Credit: HBO

Talking to that the Hollywood Reporter about the red carpet in the nyc world premiere of the last year, Martin stated:”I do not think that it ought to be the last season. But now we are.

“It appears to me we only began last week. Has it been more than that? The time has passed in a blur.

In addition, he promised the entire world of Westeros would live on in different ways, including:”I am aware that it’s a conclusion, but it isn’t much of a conclusion for me. I am still heavy in writing the novels. We saw five additional sequels shows in evolution. I believe I will be hanging about Westeros while everybody else has left.”

Formerly, Martin has also said he considers the Game of Thrones narrative might have lasted much longer – possibly even crossing 13 seasons.

“I really don’t understand, ask David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] if they encounter,” he explained.

“We might have gone into 11, 12, 13 seasons. However, I guess they needed a lifetime.”

Pointing out sure that specific cuts were created through creation, Martin added:”When you have read my books, you understand there was sufficient material for longer seasons.

“David and Dan have been around for five decades that seven seasons has been they would move. We made them to visit eight but no greater than that.

“There was a period five years back where they had been stating seven seasons and that I had been stating 10, and they won.”

The initial episode of the eighth year of Game of Thrones lands on HBO on Sunday 14 April for audiences in the USA, while the UK will get their fix the Following Day on Monday 15 April.