10 Actresses who, after a breakup, were not afraid to take risks and “won the jackpot” in love

People who are fulfilled in their life as a couple earn more money and move up the career ladder faster. When you admire the actresses of your favorite actresses, you sometimes forget that, behind the scenes, there is often a person who helps them to overcome their problems, to reassure them after the failure of a film, to give them trust and accompany them on the red carpet that leads to the Oscar.

At BuzzDestination, we want to know who are the husbands of these famous actresses whose diary is so busy that they do not have a minute to go out on weekends.

10. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

10 Actresses who, after a breakup, were not afraid to take risks and "won the jackpot" in love
© AXELLE WOUSSEN / Bauer Griffin / East News 

Emily Blunt was the companion of singer Michael Bublé, but in 2008, the couple announced his breakup. The young actress met John Krasinski by chance, she was in a restaurant with friends, discussing the benefits of celibacy.

A year later, John asked for her and he recounted this moment: “She was crying because I was crying, we were crying together and the people around us were crying too. Finally, she said yes and it was wonderful. John and Emily got married in 2010. One of their most significant projects was the movie No One. They shot together and the feature film received several awards.

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