10 Celebrities Who Had to Get Through Plenty of Struggles to Transform Into a New Character

What is a typical day like for an actor? Probably it’s signing autographs, receiving awards, and working together with genius directors and gifted colleagues. But things aren’t all that easy. Frequently, they must survive harsh diets, work out several times daily, and learn hard skills in very short intervals. And in some very particular circumstances, they have had to eat raw liver and also witness autopsies.

We at BuzzDestination are motivated and inspired by how powerful actors are. They are prepared to operate in the states that are the reverse of comfy. They deserve a separate award only for this!

10. Actor: Daniel Radcliffe — Jungle

10 Actors Who Had to Get Through Lots of Struggles to Transform Into a New Character
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Daniel Radcliffe played the leading part in the film Jungle, which was based on real events. The movie tells the story of a bunch of friends who get lost in the Amazon rainforest. The function required Radcliffe to shed 33 lb in actual life. The actor wanted to demonstrate how the main character was enduring in a means that was as real as you can, therefore that he had to adhere to a stringent and challenging diet throughout the whole production. And before the shoot, he did not eat anything for two days.

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