11 Joaquin Phoenix characters that preceded the Joker’s

Barely a few weeks after its release, the film Joker is on everyone’s lips for its captivating plot, for the crudity of its scenes and for the care taken in his photography, but also and especially for the surprising interpretation of  Joaquin Phoenix who embodies the famous villain of Batman world. From now on, everyone will remember his name. But what path did the actor go through before reaching this climax of his career?

At BuzzDestination, we selected the best roles of Joaquin Phoenix before he brought the famous Joker to life; they had great importance both in the professional development of the actor and in that of modern cinema.

11. Abbot of Coulmier ( Quills, 2000)

11 Joaquin Phoenix characters that preceded the Joker's
© Quills / Fox Searchlight Pictures  

Although Quills was not the first film in which the actor participated, he delivered a remarkable performance that accelerated his career in 2000. The film revolves around the historical figure of the  Marquis de Sade. Joaquin Phoenix incarnates the abbot of Coulmier, a priest who tries to live with a certain moral code and who takes charge of the asylum where the marquis is locked up. The latter, although deprived of freedom, does not stop writing, and gives his texts in secret to Madeleine, a young washerwoman who idolizes her. The story takes a deeper turn when the abbot falls in love with the girl and suffers from the obvious influence that the Marquis de Sade has on her. Thus begins a tragedy of secrecy and the forbidden.