Wednesday, February 1, 2023

QUIZ: Plan a Halloween party and we’ll give you a Halloween boyfriend

Because Halloween is basically the new Valentines Day

Can We Guess Your Age-Based Off Of The Movies You Love?

Movies can definitely define generations. Whether your obsessed with Molly Ringwald, or consumed with Bella and Edward from 'Twilight', there are certain stories that will always stick with you. Can we guess your age based off of the movies you love?

Are You A Vampire, A Werewolf, Or A Witch?

Vampires, Witches, and Werewolves, oh my! It is getting close to Halloween and now's the time to determine which supernatural spooky kind you'll take!

Choose Your Favorite Celebrities And We’ll Give You A Halloween Costume To Wear

Still not sure what you're going to be for Halloween? Choose your favorite celebrities, and we'll help you decide!

Play Kiss, Marry, Kick with the characters of Riverdale

You can't start playing Kiss, Marry, Kick with anyone other than the boy of our dreams, Archie Andrews. Archie definitely went through a lot in the past three seasons of the show, but he still managed to stay true to himself and his friends.

Which One Direction Guy Is Your Forever Boyfriend?

Which of the fab 5 are you destined to be with? Down-to-earth Louis, flamboyant Harry or dark and serious Zayn?

Which Fictional Character Is Your Arch-Nemesis?

Some characters just rub you the wrong way, don't they? You know that they're not real, that it's just actors on a screen, working, but something about them just drives you crazy. So who is the worst of them all?

Which Stranger Things Hottie Is Your Forever Boyfriend?

Why are the guys in Stranger Things so dang hot! Have you ever been questioning which cute guy from Stranger Things you're meant to be with? Surprise no more. Take this quiz and we'll let you know! God, I hope it is Johnathan...

Build A Celeb Squad And We’ll Tell You What People Like About You

Build A Celeb Squad And We'll Tell You What People Like About You. Jennifer Aniston. Anne Hathaway. Rebel Wilson.

Can You Guess The Movie Star’s Highest-Grossing Film?

These movie stars are at the top of their game. But can you guess the movie that brought them to stardom? Take this quiz and test your knowledge!