How did Megan’s body language change during the first year in the royal family?

The evolution of gestures from the “beloved prince” to a charismatic speaker-speaker.
During the time that has passed since the announcement of the engagement (November 2017), Megan Markle managed from the regular “beloved Prince Harry” to become not just a member of the royal family, but to gain the reputation of a confident speaker and person with pronounced empathy (read this started ─ “British upgrade: how Megan Markle changed herself for the sake of Prince Harry” ). The transformation of the Duchess of Sussex was smooth: the style of clothes, manners and even gesticulation gradually changed. An expert on body language analyzed how Megan’s non-verbal cues had changed over the past 12 months from engagement.

November 27, 2017, Megan and Harry holding hands, posing for photographers in the garden of Kensington Palace after the announcement of the engagement. Then 37-year-old Markle and the 34-year-old prince looked like a perfect couple in love. “Megan many times through an understanding look at Harry and smiled in love, which perfectly conveyed the importance of the moment ─ the appearance of a new couple in the royal family. The mood was also preserved at the official engagement photo shoot by the photographer Alexi Lubomirski. Pictures were taken on the territory of Frogmore House ─ a demonstration of royal sexuality at a new level. The photos of Megan, sitting at Harry’s feet, clinging to him and holding his hand, look so beautiful that they would be suitable for an advertising photo shoot of some luxury fragrance, ”says expert Judy James.


At that moment, the girl looks self-sufficient. “The key to Megan’s gestures is light touches and pats, with the help of which she sets the tone for a pair with the prince. For a minute, she flirts with Harry, then quasi-roster control gestures are used to dominate. Her prince’s light pats on the back indicated a high level of self-confidence.

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“New” in the royal family

Despite the fact that Megan was a professional actress, it took her some time to fully get used to the new role in the new status. This was especially noticeable during a joint trip with the Queen to Cheshire in June 2018 (in detail ─ “How Megan Markle woke the inner child of the Queen” ). “We saw a“ new girl ”following Elizabeth and diligently assimilating her duties. She studied the protocol, learned to sit with her arms and legs crossed, ”─ notes James.


It was also noticeable as Megan tried to take over part of the manner of non-verbal signals from Kate Middleton when two duchesses appeared in the royal box in the final of the Wimbledon tournament. “It was possible to notice how closely she watches Kate and even tries to mirror her in an attempt to adopt some gestures of the one whose body language is perhaps the most perfect in the royal family,” the expert notes. Click Here! For More?

A keen public speaker

The first foreign tour of Sussex gave Megan the opportunity to prove himself as a confident speaker, passionate about his campaigns. She made several speeches that made a strong impression.

  The second day of the tour: Duchess in Dubbo (Australia)                                               10-day tour: Megan in the kingdom of Tonga

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“I thought she would be good, but Meg surpassed all expectations. Her words were ideally matched to make the strongest impression possible. It was felt empathy in communicating with the audience. She created an atmosphere of mutual understanding and used congruent gestures to make her message memorable ─ Sato tried to do without a barrier in the form of a chair, speaking only with a hand-held microphone, ─ says Judy. ─ Gesturing Megan as a great speaker works because she obviously believes in her messages and is passionate about her campaigns. The Duchess’s body language points to signs that she may become a good international speaker in the future. ”
                                                                Megan speaking at the Australian Geographical Society Award (October 26, 2018)
                                                                                             The Duchess gives a speech at the closing of Invictus Games (October 27, 2018)

Her Highness “Empathy”
The Duchess proved to be not only an excellent speaker but also demonstrated an excellent ability to communicate with the public at official events. “Another side of Megan, which is now gradually becoming apparent, is the ability to create an empathic connection with those whom she wants to help, ─ the expert notes. ─ Watching her work in the kitchen with women from the Grenfell Tower can be assumed to be popular with politicians ─ warmly welcome people, hug them and work together for so long that the photographers take enough pictures for a good story.

“When she came to the Hubb Community Kitchen again, she was met with such emotional embraces, which is possible only with good friends. She was taken by the hand (a spontaneous signal of affection) before the ritual of exchanging greetings ended. These women did not fear the duchess: they did not treat her as a member of the royal family, but as a good friend, ”the expert concludes. Click Here! For More?

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