Lil Xan’s Girlfriend Announced She’s Had A Miscarriage In A Heartbreaking Instagram Post

Back in February, Lil Xan declared he and girlfriend Annie Smith were likely to eventually become parents, only five weeks after his quite public divide out of Noah Cyrus.

He also shared the information on Instagram, showing that he had”never felt happy” in his or her life.

But only a few months afterwards, the couple were accused of faking the maternity once they shared photographs from the ultrasound.

one lover account, Xanarchy Tea, published screenshots of the ultrasound scan revealed at the YouTube video the few shared, along with the photographs which look after you Google”week 9 ultrasounds,” asserting that the pictures“line up absolutely” when put on top of one another.

In actuality, speculation became so extreme that Annie ended up with the interview where she vehemently denied dreading the pregnancy, including that the accusations were”gloomy” and”unsatisfactory”

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Talking to E!, Annie explained:”Once I submitted my YouTube video along with my ultrasound images, a woman — I am not going to comment on who — photoshopped them together with another person’s title, birthday , also uploaded them into Google. I am really really disappointed we declared it and today this really is the rumor floating about. I am traveling and worried at the moment so I believe for your baby and myself it is Most Unexceptional to keep in a favorable atmosphere. I actually am only staying off the web for now since it is really sad for me to observe these items.”