“We take a much more natural pace of life”: This young couple has chosen to live in a van around the world

Like many French, Clemence and her companion have chosen the “Van Life”. In December 2017, this young interior designer made the decision to leave her permanent contract and her apartment to settle in a van with which she will be able to travel. ” I had everything I could want on paper,” concedes the young woman. ” And finally, at 29, I realized that this was not where my happiness was at all.”  The click: a trip to Canada undertaken a few years earlier with his companion, Thomas. If the couple was already planning to settle abroad, “traveling this way opened our eyes to the fact that we did not just want to copy our sedentary life in a country abroad but rather to try to combine travel and work. “  Clémence and Thomas continue, indeed, to work remotely.

“There is no plan”

Accompanied by their cat, the couple has already made 14,000 kilometers in their van called “The Lieutenant”. ” We do not have running water, we have cans,” says Clemence. ” We do not have gas, we have small stoves and we have installed small dry toilets.”  To wash, they use showers of highway areas or ask the inhabitant. ” Of course, we consume less, because we eat less,” says the young woman. ” We take a much more natural pace of life. ” Their only basic need: a mobile Internet connection of 80 gigas, essential for their business and communication with their loved ones. For now, the couple does not really have any ideas about the next events. “The arrange is that there’s no arrange, “she laughs.