There’s An Emoji For Periods Now And We Hope It Helps Normalize Menstruation

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The Unicode Consortium just announced that there will be 230 new emojis coming soon to cell phones.

With emoji turning into one in all the fastest growing international languages, we tend to accomplished having an amount emoji might facilitate change things. we tend to create 5 styles, and an exceptional fifty-four,600 of you showed your support and voted for your favorite: our period pants, that we tend to submit to the Unicode consortium (the official body that manages emojis worldwide).

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Among them is the drop of blood emoji, which was made to help reduce the stigma around menstruation.

The Global Girl’s Rights Charity Plan International UK ran a survey in 2017 that found girls and women still felt shame about having their period, to the point where it was affecting their ability to talk to friends and family about it.

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Sadly, the look didn’t get accepted. But, unwilling to provide up, we tend to teamed up with NHS Blood and Transplant and submitted a replacement proposal for a blood drop emoji (the runner up style in our public vote) to be included on keyboards everyplace – and we’re excited to announce that, along with your wonderful support, it’s been included within the Feb 2019 emoji release!

Making something like the period emoji is just the start to normalizing it…but at least it’s a start.

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Females are faced with different situations surrounding their periods every day, so wouldn’t it be amazing if something like this lil‘ story happened regularly?!