Top 5 richest celebrities in the world 2020

Our top shows the income of the stars received by them from June 2019 to May 2020, excluding taxes and other deductions. The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has hit the wallets of the world’s richest celebrities. Forbes reported that their earnings fell for the first time since 2016.

1. Cosmetics Kylie Jenner

The popularity of the twenty-three-year-old American model and entrepreneur came thanks to the television reality show “The Kardashian Family”, which began broadcasting in 2007. For more than one year, the program has taken high ratings on TV. Having gained immense popularity and a multi-million audience on Instagram, Kylie moved into a model.

The richest celebrities in the world 2020

She starred for Vogue, Teen, Ok! Magazines presented Avril Lavigne’s clothing collection at the 2011 Haute Couture Week. The girl was not limited to this, and after 2 years, together with her sister Kendall, she released her own clothing line. After that, they switched to shoes and bags for young people.

However, Kylie Jenner earned a high income and a place in Forbes for her cosmetic brand “Kylie Cosmetics”. There is a lot of controversy around the girl’s earnings: Forbes and a number of financial analysts believe that Kylie greatly exaggerates the level of income, and her family is actively involved in maintaining this myth for PR.

One way or another, but Kylie Jenner occupies a leading position in the ranking of the richest stars. Her earnings from June 2019 to May 2020 amounted to an impressive $ 590 million. The main payments came from the sale of her own brand “Kylie Cosmetics”.

2. Kanye West Sneakers

The creative career of a musician and friend of US President Donald Trump began at an early age. At 5 he wrote a poem, at 8 he was already carried away by music. Mom supported her son’s initiative and presented him with a gaming computer, on which Kanye began to create simple melodies. At the age of 13, he sold them to other musicians.

Recording studios willingly bought samples from him, but were not interested in him as a rapper, as they believed that a person from an intelligent family could not be a good performer in this musical style. In their opinion, he had nothing to share with the audience, since there were no real difficulties in his life yet.

But the tragedy still happened – Kanye had an accident and shattered his jaw. He recorded a song about it and found the theme for the first album, The College Dropout. The public liked the album, and his career took off. Kanye continued to forge iron, not leaving the checkout, and turned onto the same rails as Kylie Jenner – began to create clothes.

During this period, he earned $ 170 million. His main source of income was not a music career, but a deal with a major sports brand, Adidas, which sells Kanye’s Yeezy sneakers.

3. Roger Federer’s great helmet

Jeff J Mitchell UK / Reuters

The love of sports was passed on to the future tennis court star from parents who adored golf and tennis. From early childhood, they hired a personal trainer for him. Roger was not lazy and willingly participated in competitions of various sizes. The talented guy was noticed and accepted into the Swiss national team at the Summer Olympics in Sydney in 2000.

However, the trip was unsuccessful. After her, the tennis player trained under the supervision of a new experienced mentor, which allowed him to eventually beat the idol of his childhood, Pete Sampras. From that moment on, Roger Federer confidently went up the sports career ladder. He won 20 Grand Slam tournaments. If Federer is not present at any tournament, it means that this tournament is not very prestigious.

Roger Federer is the first tennis player in the ranking of the most paid athletes. His income was $ 106.3 million. However, this was not without a catch – with the help of tennis Roger earned only $ 7.5 million in prize money. The rest is sponsorship contracts and advertising.

By the way, the Wimbledon tournament was canceled for the first time in 75 years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

4. Alien football of Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo is in fourth place among the richest foreign stars in the world. The training of the future Portuguese football star began at the age of 8. He played for various amateur clubs before making his debut with professional Sporting. At the age of 15, he was diagnosed with tachycardia, but this did not become an obstacle to continuing training. Ronaldo successfully underwent surgery and returned to the field.

Real popularity came to him after he signed a contract with Manchester United. Cristiano has become a fan favorite. Since then he has changed many clubs and now plays for Juventus. Ronaldo’s calling card is the “signature” execution of a penalty kick with small steps backward.

During this period, the three-time winner of the Ballon d’Or earned $ 105 million. Of course, not only by salary but also by advertising contracts.

5. Lionel Messi’s golden feet

Photo by Andrew Surma / SIPA USA

The footballer, like the wolf, is fed by his feet. The stories of Cristiano Ronaldo and his eternal rival from the Spanish Barcelona and the Argentine national team are like two peas in a pod. Little Lionel was brought to an amateur football club by his grandmother. At the age of 11, a novice athlete, like Cristiano, began to have health problems.

However, financial investments from parents and timely treatment helped Lionel cope with the disease. 7 classes of education also did not become a stumbling block in career growth, because spelling is not needed on the field. He became a real phenomenon in the youth team, and there was not even a doubt about his transition to an adult.

And so it happened. The football player’s calling card is a swift, sweeping entry into the penalty area at a bend and speed. Beware, goalkeeper, lest you get swept into the goal with the ball and Messi.

In May 2020, his income was $ 104 million (for 12 months). The lion’s share of this amount is the same advertising contracts.