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In winter, you can do several dozen seasonal businesses. The main thing is that it should not be the same as the winter period of 2019-2020, which became the warmest in the history of meteorological observations in some cities. Then, according to Forbes, because of the anomaly, sellers of hats and fur coats, snowplows, ski slope owners and hundreds of other companies focused on seasonal sales suffered millions in losses. But the next season 2020-2021, with its blizzards with frost, corrected the situation.

Let’s list the ideas.

Sale of heated gloves, socks, and slippers

These products can keep warm up to six hours continuously. The main target audience for them are lovers of winter fishing, hunting, skiing and, in general, those who love long walks. They are also equipped with a switch button or automatic heating to a certain temperature.

Sale of devices for drying shoes

Such dryers are already familiar to potential buyers, which will greatly simplify the process of advertising the product. The essence of this business is the implementation of devices that will help dry shoes in wet winter weather and will do it in a short time, about half an hour. Dryers are of several types:

  • Thermal;
  • infrared;
  • Ultraviolet.

Ultraviolet also kills bacteria.

According to the type of working energy, they distinguish:

  • Electrical;
  • On batteries;
  • On gas.

Sale of heaters

Obvious product, but not always winter, because. the peak of demand for them falls on the autumn period before turning on the heating.

But if the winter is cold, then demand remains. For example, the number of purchases of such devices from January 11 to January 16, 2021, increased by 160% compared to the same period last year, Izvestia was told in the press service of the operator of fiscal data OFD Platform.

Ice rink organization

In organizing this type of winter business, there is such a plus as the possibility of additional earnings. We list some of them:

  • Skate rental or repair
  • Shops on the territory of the ice rink, cafes and other entertainment options;
  • Placement of advertising on the territory;
  • Instructors or animators;
  • Sale of goods relevant for winter, etc.;
  • Offer of a skating rink for rent as a venue for events.

Sale of winter goods for the car

The main thing in such a business is choosing the right place of sale. Additionally, you can organize a service for replacing, for example, winter summer tires with winter ones, installing heating, etc.

Sale of sleds, ice rinks, tubings, skis, snowboards, and accessories for them

This business is always relevant, in addition to ice rinks, sleds, and skis, you can also sell accessories for them, and other winter entertainment, such as a snowball maker, various shapes, etc.

Ski equipment or sled rental

From the previous paragraph, the business of renting such vehicles and sports equipment also smoothly emerges. Not every person wants to buy sleds, snowboards, skis, skates, and more in order to ride a couple of times in winter. Therefore, it is possible to organize the rental of this equipment. Despite not small purchase costs, high demand will quickly pay off your costs. In addition, you can buy used equipment.

Tubing track

Another way to make money on winter entertainment is organizing a tubing track. In this case, the presence of a lift will add special competitiveness. Today you can buy ready-made, compact lifts that are easy to install and do not cost that much.

Sale of thermal underwear

Thermal underwear first appeared in the 19th century, invented by Catherine de Medici, these were thermal pantaloons for comfortable (warm) riding. Later, they began to make such warm underwear for both women and men. Nowadays, thermal underwear is much more diverse and is made from modern materials, but it has not lost its popularity, but rather the opposite.

Demand for it begins at the end of summer.

Professional cleaning of roofs and roads

In addition to entertainment, winter also brings with it such everyday problems as ice, mountains of snow, icicles on roofs. And as is customary in our country, this always causes problems for utilities that cannot cope with these tasks. Therefore, the organization of professional cleaning from snow and ice will be especially popular especially in big cities. It is worth purchasing the necessary equipment for such cleanings and hiring a small team.

Sale of snowplows and equipment

You can start selling shovels, snowplows, carts, ice axes and other tools, but the demand is highly dependent on the abundance of snow.

Earnings on New Year’s holidays

During the New Year’s fuss, buying gifts, decorations and products for the festive table, people spend the largest amount of the year.

Example ideas:

  • Sale and rental of Christmas trees, both artificial and live. Links with these additional features, such as home delivery of the green beauty;
  • Organization of services for the hiring of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, as well as the rental of appropriate costumes;
  • Tailoring, sale, rent of New Year’s suits for children and adults;
  • Sale of garlands.;
  • Sale of pyrotechnics;
  • Sale of New Year’s decor and toys;
  • Sale of handmade New Year paraphernalia. It can be New Year’s wreaths, toys, postcards, gift baskets and much more;
  • Cooking to order a festive table;
  • Carrying out photo shoots, organizing the rental of photo zones;
  • Do not forget about New Year’s sweets and pastries, whether it be chocolate products, gingerbread and holiday-style cakes.

Greenhouse business

If you are the owner of a private house with a plot, then you have the opportunity to build a greenhouse and grow vegetables and herbs in winter. Such a business will become popular due to the shortage of local vegetables in the cold season.

Of course, such greenhouses must be heated, there are several ways of such heating: air, contour, subsoil, and combined. The costs and investments in such a business depend on the type of greenhouse chosen, but the payback is high.

Tailoring of winter clothes

The main costs in such a business is the purchase of a good machine and material for sewing. This also includes the manufacture of warm blankets, and other textile, winter decor.

Sewing winter shoes

It’s the same with clothes. For those wishing to learn the art of hand tailoring, we have a more detailed article .

Cultivation of a bloodworm

In order to breed this insect, you need to have a suitable place, for example, a greenhouse. Fish farms, pet stores, shops for fishing enthusiasts, etc. can become the main areas of sales, depending on the volume.

Sale of bath brooms and accessories

One of the favorite places for recreation and health improvement in our country is a bathhouse, so the demand for products for it will never disappear. Accessories such as brooms, in addition to selling ready-made ones, can be made by yourself. And it’s easy because:

  • practically does not require investments.
  • No special required. equipment;
  • No special knowledge required;
  • No need for a large staff
  • Constant demand as it is a disposable product;
  • Short term before receiving the first profit.

But do not forget about this nuance, the harvesting of products occurs only in the summer.

Sale of meat, meat products

The peak of demand for meat products, with the exception of barbecue, traditionally falls in the winter period, or rather, the month of December.

As we see there are enough ideas for business in the winter, it is important to understand this area or have at least initial skills. Some areas require not small investments, but there are those in which they are practically not needed. Before you start organizing your business, it is worth analyzing the audience and their needs, and think over the way of advertising in advance.

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