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10 Types of Seducers: Which One Are You?

Have you ever asked yourself a question: why, at times, so different personalities are so attracted to each other? Each person needs to think about what characteristics a good seducer should have in order to captivate him personally. And also, what qualities you need to cultivate in yourself in order to become more attractive and interest exactly those who like you. And, perhaps, you are already a very charismatic person, but you do not even suspect this and unfairly squander your talent. Whatever it was, it is necessary to consider the art of seduction from the inside in order to understand yourself and determine your type of seducer. 

In The Art of Seduction, psychologist Robert Green describes the existence of nine archetypes of seducers, which he does not divide by gender, that is, men and women fall under the general classification of the scientist. Therefore, if Robert gives an example of a famous man in history who, in his opinion, fits a particular archetype, this does not mean that a woman cannot belong to the same group.

If we add the figure of the anti-seducer to this list, then we get a 10-point guide, under which you can safely try on your image. In this article, you will find a historical and psychological analysis of the great personalities of mankind, as well as analyze which archetype of the seducer you personally belong to.

1. Siren

Inaccessible, divine, charming personality. In any company, she is so alone. A close, but at the same time, distant, very sweet, and dear image. Siren is the muse of poets, which makes rulers lose their heads and chop them off to her ill-wishers. Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska was one of them. The modern Siren can be detected by her gestures, delicacy, manner of dress, similar to that of the goddesses.

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