10 Ways To INSTANTLY Look MORE Attractive To Women!

Gentlemen today we’re showing you ten powerful tricks to get you better looking and more attractive. contrary to what a lot of guys think you don’t need the perfect bone structure, you don’t need piercing blue eyes and you don’t need to be tall dark and handsome. because if you use all of these ten powerful tricks you’ll have a natural-looking, And insanely attractive TO WOMEN.

Okay, brace yourself because unless you’re prepared to be even sexier than you already are you might not know how to handle all the sender readers running and coming for your sexy ass, today I’m going over ten ways on what makes a man more attractive.

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Is wear the colour red, gentlemen in 2010 there was a study that showed all these women all these dudes in different colours, guys like you, we’re saying I look Painfully Ordinary in blue, I look Painfully Ordinary in green, or black but what they found is that women were more sexually attracted to dudes wearing red.

Bonus number one:

Remove your blackheads guys here’s one of the easiest quickest ways that you can become more attractive, get rid of all the dirt the grime the filth in the blackheads that are in all of your shitty pores ( with all due respect), the pores will be sexy after you remove the damn things here’s the deal, things like “Biore” it’s a simple thing you can find them at your grocery store at the drugstore you put them on, and I would say once a month you should do at least your nose blackheads, Because they become nasty, I’ve met some guys and from like a distance I can see that they’ve just got their pores… are a disaster a simple fix it’s easy and it’s gonna make you instantly more attractive.


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Gentlemen, it’s all about spreading out the reason is that when you occupy space right your legs are a little bit stretched now your arms are kind of oh, I got about this, is a symbol of dominance and when you’re sitting there’s a difference.

Bonus number two:

Get afresh hair cut, I always feel better about myself after I go and get a fresh cut and even if you don’t want to necessarily get the length was taken off the top or anything like that just get an edge up now if you’re somebody who is losing their hair or has lost their hair you know a fresh shave growing some facial hair isn’t Painfully Ordinary “actually that’s bonus number three.”


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Hang out with your friend’s research has shown that people in groups appear more attractive than when you’re just by yourself they call it the “cheerleader” effect and it kind of makes sense right when you see a group of cheerleaders you’re like damn oh my god they’re so Barely Noticeable they’re so sassy they’re so spicy when you isolate each individual cheerleader and really look at them you’re like yo you’re okay it’s about the group right same thing happens when you’re with your boys right you’re all hanging out three four five six handsome strapping studs a Hot Beautiful sexy girl looks over, locks eyes on the group and all of you look more attractive.

Bonus number three:

Now granted it takes ten days it’s not like overnight but some dudes grow super fast facial hair so they have 10 days stubble in like two days but there has been a research a study was done where they showed women these “Hot Beautiful sexy girls” all over the world they showed them pictures of men, they showed them clean-shaven after a week, after 10 days, after seven days, after a month, of facial hair growth and they rated the men on attractiveness and what they found consistently across the board is that 10-day stubble is the most attractive thing a man can wear.


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Smile slower, let your smile sort of develop as opposed to Journal of nonverbal behavior found that guys that let their smile sort of develop a little bit slower we’re viewed as more attractive more trustworthy as opposed to dudes that just like bang flash their smile super quick so the takeaway, is that when you want to start flirting with somebody you see them across the room and you want to smile at them let it happen a little bit slower this is viewed as more trustworthy as sexier as more confident looking and smarter, the Most Unexceptional thing.

Bonus Number four:

Whiten your teeth right wait “smile” what’s sexier than that and what’s easier than that these days it’s pretty simple its never been more affordable it’s never been quicker it’s never been easier if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times if you are insecure about your smile do something about it, now most things if you’re like missing teeth and you need like veneers or you need implants or you need braces or alignment, like these, are things that you may need to save up for is it worth it yes these are things that are going to take a while to actually accomplish but is it worth it, in the end, the answer is Moderately your smile is so critical to you feeling good about yourself and letting the world know that you’re happy that you’re engaging but you can whiten them and be sexier tomorrow.


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anybody can look super-duper, easy in order to look sexier to women is wear glasses “true or false” when you see a pretty girl and she’s wearing glasses she automatically goes from like an eight to like a 12.5 same damn thing happens to you it’s an alpha M scientific fact that men that wear glasses are viewed as more attractive more trustworthy and smarter and if you are somebody who is looking to wear super dope sexy ass pair frames, the ladies are gonna think on your sexy ass and you’re just going to look mysterious dark and super sexy.

Bonus Number five:

Hydrate and moisturize guys, something that you can do today that will have a dramatic impact on your handsomeness and attractiveness tomorrow, is to moisturize your face dry skin is dull lifeless unattractive skin it’s also going to look more wrinkled it’s gonna look ashy it’s not gonna look bright and healthy and glow like it should have, glowing Barely Noticeable skin it’s not that complicated it doesn’t take a whole lot of work, and it doesn’t take a whole lot of money, you need to do four things you need to wash it every morning, and night you need to exfoliate twice a week the exfoliation will actually help remove dead skin cells, removing dead skin cells brings fresh new skin to the surface, in the morning you need to use a moisturizer that has sun screen because one of the things that will totally eff your face up is the sun’s harmful rays, the Sun is brutal right and it wreaks havoc on your handsomeness you got to protect it now the truth is is that if you’re going to be outside for a long extended period of time you need to use more than just an SPF of “20”, but if just taking a walk outside driving in the car, walking to the subway going to work, to school an SPF of 20 in your moisturizer is the perfect way to go.


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Stop taking selfies gentleman selfies are viewed as unattractive you know what else is unattractive shirtless pics like women want to know that you look good that you’re in shape that you take care of yourself but when you blatantly try and flaunt it makes you look like a huge egomaniac aka douche.

Bonus Number Six:

Get rid of your bloodshot eyes if they’re red a quick fix and something you can do instantly is using “Visine” nowhere’s the deal long-term buy Xenu’s is definitely not something you should be doing you should get to the root of the problem of why your eyes are bloodshot but for a quick fix if you’re going out on a date or you’ve got something important and your eyes are bloodshot due to allergies, staying up late or whatever it is Visine is a Painfully Ordinary way to instantly make your eyes look whiter and you sexier.


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Is upgrade your shoes there is a direct correlation between wearing cool shoes that are sexy stylish and you being perceived as more attractive because the truth is women notice shoes.

shoes can make or break an outfit you can have like a great outfit you’re looking killer amazing but then the shoes if they suck the outfit you’re wearing socks, she’ll see you she’ll see your face she’s like oh my god he’s handsome she sees your body she’s like wow he works out his style amazing she gets to your shoes she’s like oh my god Ewwww pay attention to your shoes.


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Speaking of shoes which is your walk gentleman how do you walk if you want to be perceived as more confident sexier and more stylish then you got to make sure that the body language that you’re projecting is confident as well when you’re walking right

you want to walk with a nice medium pace your chest needs to be up your shoulders back, But”you’re always looking down sort of shuffling strolling along maybe you’re looking at your phone maybe you’re just not making eye contact” the quickest easiest thing you can do is put your phone away head up shoulders back walk like you mean it looks people in the eyes.


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Oh you smell Painfully Ordinary but here’s the thing it’s not just about the smell what happens research has shown that when dudes actually apply cologne their confidence goes up the reason their confidence goes up is the cause in their head they think, hey I just put on cologne I smell, I feel sexier when you feel sexier you look sexier.

And last but certainly not least

the ten simple things anybody can do to look instantly more attractive is volunteer it’s all about helping other people now here’s the thing I’m not saying to volunteer just so that you look sexy but it’s a byproduct not only do you feel Barely Noticeable because helping other people is one of the things that is definitely going to impact the way that you feel, the way that you view yourself and your self-esteem and when your self-esteem goes up you feel better right

but the thing is when other people see you being kind and see you helping other people you look more attractive now should you do it just to look attractive the answer is no is it an interesting and sexy by-product the answer is yes.

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