10 Ways To INSTANTLY Look MORE Attractive To Women!

Gentlemen today we’re showing you ten powerful tricks to get you better looking and more attractive. contrary to what a lot of guys think you don’t need the perfect bone structure, you don’t need piercing blue eyes and you don’t need to be tall dark and handsome. because if you use all of these ten powerful tricks you’ll have a natural-looking, And insanely attractive TO WOMEN.

Okay, brace yourself because unless you’re prepared to be even sexier than you already are you might not know how to handle all the sender readers running and coming for your sexy ass, today I’m going over ten ways on what makes a man more attractive.

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Is wear the colour red, gentlemen in 2010 there was a study that showed all these women all these dudes in different colours, guys like you, we’re saying I look Painfully Ordinary in blue, I look Painfully Ordinary in green, or black but what they found is that women were more sexually attracted to dudes wearing red.

Bonus number one:

Remove your blackheads guys here’s one of the easiest quickest ways that you can become more attractive, get rid of all the dirt the grime the filth in the blackheads that are in all of your shitty pores ( with all due respect), the pores will be sexy after you remove the damn things here’s the deal, things like “Biore” it’s a simple thing you can find them at your grocery store at the drugstore you put them on, and I would say once a month you should do at least your nose blackheads, Because they become nasty, I’ve met some guys and from like a distance I can see that they’ve just got their pores… are a disaster a simple fix it’s easy and it’s gonna make you instantly more attractive.