10 yoga asanas that are good for women’s health

Lower back pain and “female” problems – you’re faithful, but not at all desirable companions? Here are 10 simple yet effective yoga poses that can improve your health without pills or injections.

We often do not have time for long training sessions, and bad ecology and constant stress leave a noticeable mark on our health. Yoga is one of the oldest ways to maintain health and keep your thoughts in order. Out of 84 existing poses, we have chosen those that have a beneficial effect on the female body. Comfortable clothes, a yoga mat, soft music and you’re ready for the most relaxing workout.

Basic asanas for women

1. Vrikshasana – tree pose

Almost every yoga class begins with tree pose. It is considered to be a balance sheet and coordinates movements. Spread your legs shoulder-width apart while standing and raise your arms above your head. Bring the palms of your straight arms together and breathe slowly and calmly.

Effect: The asana improves posture, strengthens the muscles of the arms and legs, and calms the mind.

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