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12 Hot Tips on How To Flirt With a Man

Flirting is a playful level of relationship between people, in which a woman tries to please a man. A man also shows signs of attention, and such ping-pong allows people to express sympathy for each other, to establish relationships.

There is little competent information about flirting, even less good recommendations that would help you understand where to go in further study of this issue. Therefore, we tried to collect here all the cream on this topic and serve it to you in an interesting and accessible way. So here are the top 12 hot tips for flirting!

1. Play like children

Psychologist Eric Berne wrote the best about the game level of interaction in the book People Who Play Games, Games People Play. 

It is possible and necessary to play according to his theory from the position of a child. It is the Child, not the Adult or Parent. Through play, the child learns the world, trains to interact, explores the boundaries and measures of what is permitted. Also, the game satisfies the basic needs – research, study, interest, contact.

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