13 Police series available on Netflix that deserve to be watched

The detective series is fascinating: able to hold the viewer in suspense, with incredible stories of detectives and criminals. These dramas explore the psychological aspect of the characters and mix different stories, alternating breathtaking action scenes as well as romance and generally dangerous love stories. Luckily, Netflix has just a large catalog of police series, to watch during our moments of relaxation.

At BuzzDestination, we have developed a list of 13 series that you can find on the famous platform and who really deserves to be watched.

13. Bodyguard

13 Police series available on Netflix that deserve to be watched
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The main character of  Bodyguard is the British actor Richard Madden, from the Game of Thrones series. He plays the role of David Budd, a war veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress. After becoming a police officer, he is in charge of the protection of an ambitious politician, Julia Montague, while England is in a particularly complicated moment of her political life. The series includes six breathtaking episodes, which interweave political and psychological suspense that pushes the viewer to constantly reflect on the intentions of each character.