15 celebrities who came back in the spotlight after a professional failure

The actor’s careers are very unpredictable: today they earn millions and tomorrow they will be forgotten. Often such a fall is due to scandal or a questionable role. Some actors fail to overcome these difficulties and stop their film careers while others find the strength to start from scratch and return to the top. Sometimes one role can turn everything upside down.

BuzzDestination found for you films that made us our favorite actors.

15. Joaquin Phoenix, “The Master”

Today, Joaquin Phoenix is ​​an idol of the crowds, but 10 years ago, an experimental project almost ruined his career. In 2009, Joaquin and his friend Casey Affleck joined the mixed film “I’m still here”. The idea was that for a year, Phoenix had to pretend to be an actor who was losing his mind. No one should know that it was a performance. The actor let his hair grow. He behaved strangely and even announced that he wanted to be a rapper. Hollywood laughed at him, even after the idea for this unusual project was revealed. The public did not appreciate the film and Joaquin did not find any more roles during the following year.

The film “The Master” changed the situation overnight. Phoenix was so credible in his role as Freddie Quell that critics and the public agreed on his great acting talent and since then his career has been booming.

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