5 Tips That Will Help You To Improve Every Type of Intimacy With Your Partner

Of course, you can stay within your comfort zone, but it’s so boring. And boredom is one of the biggest enemies of a relationship.

There are certain things you need to look back at from time to time to make sure your relationship stays strong and healthy. And one of the most important of these indicators is the level of your closeness with your partner.

Throughout the entire period of the relationship, you will have to constantly face problems and difficulties. Your couple will go through various crises and turning points more than once. This is why it is important that you both stay on the same page with each other.

It’s much easier to get over problems and troubles in a relationship if you meet them hand in hand. In such a relationship, you and your partner are one team, which makes it much easier for you to cope with all those problems that even the most beautiful and romantic love boat can crash.

Distance in a relationship is a completely unacceptable thing for you. Any distance from each other makes you both feel frustrated, hurt, and annoyed. But how to avoid such moments? The key is to always do your best to maintain intimacy in your union.

1. The best foundation for a loving relationship is friendship.

Yes, sexual intercourse is a physical act. But your partner will get much more pleasure if they feel as comfortable as possible with you. To do this, you need to lay a solid foundation of friendship and camaraderie in your relationship.

The more comfortable you are with each other, the closer you become.

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