5 ways to promote an online store on Instagram

How to promote a store on Instagram: tips for opening a successful store + 5 ways to promote a project on Instagram for free + 5 programs to increase real followers + how the Zengram promotion site works + how to create a business account on Instagram.

Selling goods online today has become one of the most popular ways to earn real money. You can trade anything, not only material things, but also services.

The list of online trading platforms also boasts a variety. In recent years, Instagram has taken its place among the top options.

In this article, we will reveal the secret of how to promote an Instagram store and significantly increase sales.

How to create your own online store on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks today. You can only create a profile through your phone. Registered users post photos, and videos, can turn on a live broadcast, communicate via Direct, and can leave comments to each other under messages.

Opportunities for an online store on Instagram are plentiful, which is why many aspiring sellers start their business right here.

We have compiled a number of tips to help you open and promote your store on Instagram:

  1. The first step is to create a project concept. It is also recommended to draw up a business plan for an online store – this will add consistency to your actions, and allow you to calculate investments.
  2. Decide what you want to promote and sell to people, what age group your target audience belongs to, what gender, what interests, region of residence. Any information is important. The more details the better.
  3. Analyze the work of several successful projects, and think about how they managed to promote their project.
  4. You don’t have to do everything as a copy. Create your own unique online store that has no analogs.
  5. Spend a lot of time choosing what your account name will be. The name should correspond to the goods of the store, easy to remember.
  6. The online store avatar is also very important. The profile photo should reflect the essence of the project. And it should also be taken into account that no one knows the logo of the new online store yet, so do not rush to put it on your avatar.
  7. it is necessary to fill in the description of the account with information so that subscribers can immediately see all the significant data from there: the city of your work, and contacts for communication.
  8. Place a short description under each product photo. For example, under the publication of a dress, indicate the size range, material and cost. There should be little information, only the most important.
  9. All photos must be clear and of high quality. Create collages, chat screens with grateful customers, and more.

How to promote a store on Instagram for free?

In this section, we will give some useful tips on how to promote your project and attract as many Instagram users as possible.

Option 1. Hashtags on Instagram.

One of the main assistants that will help you promote your store on Instagram for free is well-chosen hashtags.

How to choose hashtags for publications in the online store:

  1. In the search bar of the social network Instagram, you need to save the theme with which the online store is associated. You will immediately see a dozen hashtag options for her.
  2. You can create your own hashtag. It can be used by subscribers of the online store when posting reviews. This will make it easier for you to let your friends know when new products are available (if they follow your hashtag – and recently such an opportunity appeared on Instagram).
  3. Hashtags must match what is shown in the photo that is sold in the online store. Then the people who follow them will stay on the page and possibly become followers.

There is also such a thing as geotags. If the online store has a real outlet, be sure to set a geotag when uploading a photo from there.

Option 2. Advertising through other social networks.

Instagram is directly connected to Facebook, and it also allows you to repost publications on your Vkontakte page. Through these social networks, you can promote your online store on Instagram.

To let your friends from other social networks know about the new beginning, leave a link to your Instagram on the page (personal or your branded) on VKontakte or Facebook.

Some subscribers will definitely follow the link, especially if it is accompanied by a tempting offer and a bright photo. For example, offer all friends from other social networks a 10% discount on a product if they subscribe to updates and go to their page on any social network with a link to an online store on Instagram.

Option 3. Promote the store on the star page.

Each star of the show has its own Instagram profile. For them, this is a place where you can communicate with fans, spread various news about their activities. Many people constantly communicate on their pages. And you can take advantage of it.

Subscribe to updates from several popular stars or bloggers and leave an advertisement for your project in the comments under their publications. You will be able to promote your store thanks to the fact that ardent fans read all the comments under the photos of your idol.

If they are interested in the offer of an online store (they took the trouble to write a really interesting text), then they will definitely go to the page.

Option 4. Drawings and promotions to promote the store.

How to promote a store on Instagram? It’s a good idea to joke around. For example, you can invite subscribers to like a certain post or tag a friend in the comments, and on a given date, using a special program, you will determine 1-3 winners among those who meet the conditions.

How to make money in an online store: options

Winners can receive a discount or an inexpensive product in the store as a gift. The cost of such activity will be minimal, but you are guaranteed to increase the activity on the page.

Helpful Tip: Don’t forget to ask the lucky first place winners to leave a good review of your store on Instagram.

Also in the insta-shop, you can use the same advertising methods as in regular outlets. For example, you can run a sale every Friday of the month.

Option 5. Mutual PR on Instagram.

Find other aspiring entrepreneurs like you on Instagram, but not direct competitors. Offer them mutual PR.

The bottom line is that you will be active on someone else’s page, and also place some kind of advertisement for someone else’s store, and your partner will do the same. This way you will advertise each other for free.

In order for mutual PR to lead to an excellent result, choose the nearest theme store for cooperation. For example, if you sell children’s toys, then an insta store for children’s clothing will be an excellent choice for mutual PR.

Where can I find mutual PR profiles to promote an online store on Instagram?

  1. Manually. Search for “colleagues” by keywords, hashtags, geotags. When you find a couple of dozen accounts with approximately the same number of subscribers and activity level, start writing to administrators in Direct about your desire to cooperate.
  2. In social networks. On Vkontakte, Instagram, Facebook, you can find groups in which the owners of Instagram profiles are looking for each other for mutual PR. For example, you can search here: https://vk.com/instpiargoda , https://vk.com/club98974765 , https://instaforum.ru/threads and also on the forum https://soc-life.com/ forum/85
  3. You can publish a post and enter the hashtags #sfs or #mutual PR. According to them, your page will be found by those who are interested in this promotion method.
    The advantage of this option is that only those who are ready to cooperate will write to you.

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