6 Reasons Why Men Lose Interest in A Woman

If you lack self-respect, this can eventually turn away even someone who thinks you are irresistible. Men love and respect women who love and respect themselves.

Many women reproach themselves for the fact that sometime in the past, without realizing it, they alienated the men whom they loved very much.

Although we all meet our “soulmates” at the right time and in the right place, and all unsuccessful relationships bring us to this moment, we still need to learn to forgive ourselves and consciously practice behaviors that can create a force in your life that attracts the right men – men who are able to take an interest in us for who we really are.

So, here are six things that we unknowingly use to make men lose interest in us. Perhaps the most interesting of all are items two and six, which are worth working on for all of us.

So read this article to the end to find out how to cultivate in yourself exactly that attraction that will one day attract a person into your life who can complement it in the same way as half of a single whole.

1. You lack self-esteem.

Men perceive this on a subconscious level, and most often this happens when you let them know that you want them so badly that you have absolutely no boundaries of personal space, and you are ready to endure almost anything.

That is why you should always and in any circumstances trust your female intuition.

And if it really seems that someone is treating you in a completely inappropriate way, or, say, lying directly in your eyes, you should be able to draw a line and defend your interests. If you know something is true, then you should not pretend it is a lie. Even if a man who convinces you otherwise is handsome, like a god, and you melt from his one smile.

When we consider ourselves not particularly beautiful and smart, or, say when there are not so many potential partners in our environment, we often lie to ourselves, saying something like:

“To be honest, he’s very good,” or “He’s just perfect, don’t let him go.”

And we tell ourselves this even when he treats us far from the way we deserve it. We are content with little because we believe we are unworthy of more.

So, when you understand that there is something in your relationship that goes beyond what you consider acceptable, it is worth talking about it with your man and setting clear boundaries – with love for yourself and your partner. Believe me, if he really loves you, then this will not only not cool his feelings, but also contribute to their strengthening.

“Men love and respect women who love and respect themselves.”

And if you also supplement it with sincere, selfless love, it can turn anyone on. So you have to defend your boundaries, know where they lie and talk about them if a man begins to become something more than just an acquaintance.

Well, if a man sees that you definitely lack respect for yourself … this can turn away from you even the one who considers you irresistible.

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