8 Guilty Thoughts That Keep You With Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve You

An insidious thing is guilt…

There are many good reasons for staying in a relationship with a particular person … But it often happens that there are many more reasons why you should leave him behind as a bad memory.

And if the person you are currently meeting is not one of those who really deserve your love – if he does not treat you with due respect, does not make you happy and does not make you enjoy every minute spent in his or her company … Well, then you should change something in your life.

I do not believe that fate has destined only one companion for each of us. Life is too hard for it to really be that easy.

And in the vast world around you, there are definitely a few people who deserve your love.

It is very possible that even in your immediate environment there are several men or women who will make you feel as if you have met your soul mate.

Of course, not having a relationship with your current partner isn’t necessarily their fault.

But that doesn’t mean that what’s happening is your fault – and, most likely, you don’t need to feel guilty at all.

When a person does not suit you here and now, you will not succeed, no matter how hard you try.

And try to always avoid these 8 “guilty” thoughts:

He’s a good person and you don’t want to hurt him.

There are not so many good, kind, and honest people in our world. However, they do exist, and when we start a romantic relationship with one of them, but nothing comes of it, it can be very difficult for us to let him go.

You convince yourself that you are very lucky to find such a good, kind, and hard-working partner, and you definitely do not want to offend him by saying that you are not suitable for each other.

Unfortunately, being a good and kind person is often not enough for love to flourish in your relationship.

No, if someone is really distinguished by inner kindness and honesty, this really adds a lot to this person’s attractiveness in the eyes of others, but if, despite this, you do not succeed, there is nothing you can do about it.

You cannot pretend there is passion between you. You cannot portray love if, in fact, it has long faded away or has not flared up. If your heart knows that you will not be together, sooner or later it will be able to convince your body of this.

Do not feel guilty that the relationship did not work out, and let your partner go – it will be easier for both you and him.

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