8 Little Things Men Like About Female Behavior

Don’t believe the myth that men don’t pay attention to details. Even how they turn – and notice what inspires them to accomplishments or repulses and makes them stop communicating.Guy and girl in the kitchen


When you let him help you

In the era of feminism, it is very difficult for men to be knights. After all, girls can cope with almost everything on their own (to be frank, in general with everything). But our knights are still pleased when we need them . This is how they feel their worth. Therefore, if you allow your loved one to help you, he will be incredibly grateful. Although, of course, he will not say this. 

When his hair is touched 

The girls do not like it when the guy tries to touch the hairstyle, which they have been twisting for several hours. Men, on the other hand, love to touch their hair. Try running your hand into his shovel while you are lying on the bed or driving together. And you will see for yourself. 

When you listen to it 

He’s telling you this story for a reason. If a lover shares something with you, then he trusts you . The best response on your part to this is to be attentive. To make your partner feel that you care about him. 

Men love it when girls take the initiative.

We are accustomed to the fact that all the first steps should be taken by a man. The first one to write, call, call on dates. But what if you take and do the opposite? Guys are very shy creatures who, deep down, fear rejection. That is why they may hesitate for a long time to do or say something. And yes, they love initiative girls . And also, when you do something first in response, the man understands that he is not trying in vain. 

And when they laugh at his jokes 

Men like it when girls are not shy about showing their emotions. Especially positive. After all, this means that next to him you can feel yourself. They also feel good about them because they know they know how to cheer you up.

When you get scared and snuggle up to him 

Men love to play defenders. But since we no longer need to protect us from mammoths, they are ready to substitute their solid male shoulder in any other situations. Therefore, when you are frightened by a zombie in a horror movie and snuggle up to the chest of your loved one – know that he actually really likes it. You are always small and fluffy for him, and at this moment he feels like a big and formidable lion. 

When you smile at him 

There is something magical in a woman’s smile (remember the Mona Lisa). Therefore, try to smile more often next to him. Firstly, for him, it is an identification mark that the two of you are good. And secondly, it makes you a little more attractive. 

When he is not shy 

Taking his hand or even just kissing him on the cheek – a man likes it when you openly show your love. So he sees that you are not ashamed to be near him. Believe me, one short hug from his beloved woman will give him more confidence than the most expensive suit. 

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