8 Reminders That You Were Right To Leave Them

Sometimes two people are just not meant to be together. You don’t have to stay close to a person in the hope of enduring better times. If your intuition tells you to go further, then listen to it. Trust yourself.

The decision to leave a loved one is never easy. Even the thought of having to live the rest of your life without someone in whom you invested all of yourself made you shiver. After all, you continued to love him even after all the pain he caused you.

However, you are tired of desperately fighting for a relationship. You are tired of this daily war that no one can ever win.

In the end, you realized that staying with him further is pointless. After all, love should not turn into pain.

You left. You did it.

Here are some reminders of why you were right to leave him – just in case you start to doubt yourself and your decision.

1. You constantly had to tiptoe around him

Relationships in which you experience fear are not healthy. Dot.

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