8 Signs You’re More Attractive Than You Think

This is what turns most people on this planet on!

I will not argue with the fact that good looks play a big role in increasing his sex appeal but believe me, this is far from the only sign that defines it.

The compilers of dictionaries believe that a sexy person is a person who attracts you very sexually, or seems to you – just you! – attractive. In other words, there is something about this person that you are just crazy about. The nature of this attraction is completely abstract.

We are sexually attracted to completely different things.

But since we have such a conversation, I want to share 8 special signs that most people in the world find sexually attractive:

1. Generous people always seem more attractive than curmudgeons.

Most people agree that generosity is one of the most attractive traits in other people. And this character trait is attractive because it allows you to look behind the outer shell and see what kind of person really is.

And if someone not only treats you well but also behaves unobtrusively … This, to be honest, turns you on.

In 2013, a study was conducted that showed that people who are naturally inclined to help others are highly attractive since a tendency to altruism signals good genetics. In addition, scientists have found that men and women who are kinder and more generous to others are perceived by them as much more attractive than cold and stingy.

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