9 Tricks To Master The Art of Persuasion

Recently, in the literature on the psychology of seduction, more and more often come across advice to be assertive in order to achieve a goal. But not everyone clearly understands what this really means. For many people, dating can be a source of stress and anxiety. After all, the need to please another person and avoid rejection often plays a cruel joke with us, forcing us to forget about our values ​​and about ourselves. And when we start looking for advice on how to seduce the person we like and not lose ourselves, we learn that we need to learn assertiveness.

Assertiveness to improve communication

Assertive communication will help us show ourselves in an appropriate way, avoiding bondage and unattractive attitudes and behaviors that make us weak and submissive. 

In this way, we can express ourselves much better and radiate positive energy to those around us. 

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