Actors Who Didn’t Want to Kiss Their Co-Stars

It’s no secret that many actors struggle with love scenes. And the point here is not only the very intimacy of the process or natural modesty. Sometimes a filming partner is tritely unpleasant, and sometimes physical contact with a stranger adversely affects the personal relationship of a star.

We have collected for you a selection of incidental, scandalous, and very unexpected cases when celebrities flatly refused to kiss their colleagues in the shop.

Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen

Lindsay Lohan flatly refused to kiss Charlie Sheen while working on the horror-comedy Scary Movie 5. Instead, a red-haired understudy was taken on stage with a kiss. It is worth noting that the actress, even before the start of filming, made it clear that she was not going to approach Sheen closer than half a meter. It’s because of his scandalous reputation. 

Oddly enough, the producers did not take Lohan’s statements seriously and did not change the script, which was replete with various bed scenes. Subsequently, all this had to be cut out, since much was simply impossible to remove without the direct participation of Lindsey. And the actress herself was against the exploitation of her image in a similar context.

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