Best New Movies Coming Out In Summer 2021

Every movie fan knows that summer is the hottest time in terms of exciting premieres. Viewers have more time to go to cinemas, thanks to vacations and vacations, and therefore the peak of the box office tapes falls on the period from June to August. What kind of films will the film industry please us with this season? 

1. “Quiet Place 2” (A Quiet Place Part II)

Genre: horror, fantasy
Starring: Emily Blunt, Cillian Murphy and others
Premiere in Russia: 06/03/2021

Modern science fiction has known monsters for every taste, but the universe of “Quiet Place” acquaints the viewer with something new and unusual. The first film made such a splash that the rating of the sequel before the premiere is kept at around 9.1 out of 10, which deserves respect. In the long-awaited sequel, director John Krasinski promises to reveal some secrets and answer questions that have remained with the viewer since the time of the first film: what kind of monsters attacked Earth, is it possible to deceive their sensitive ears and, most importantly, how many other people, besides the Abbott family, could be saved by learning to live in complete silence.

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