Discover how Meghan Markle went from Hollywood actress to the most stylish woman in the world

The fashion article search platform Lyst took stock of the year 2019 by unveiling the Top fashion influencers. Meghan Markle, whose style and superb looks are very popular with fashionistas around the world, is in first place in this ranking. She has passed her sister-in-law Kate Middleton, actress Zendaya, singer Billie Eilish and even Kylie Jenner.

Meghan Markle’s stylish outfits inspired BuzzDestination, and we decided to reveal the secrets of the sense of style of the most influential woman in terms of dress in the world.

Before becoming a fashion icon, Meghan was a television series actress and opted for outfits that were too simple and unattractive. The royal protocol softened her style, and the best stylists of the moment helped her to awaken her fashion sense and to learn the main rules to respect.

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