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Expensive Celebrity Houses – Their Home Insurance Costs Are Unbelievable!

  We all dream about a magnificent home. Whether or not we can afford our dream house is another matter. Celebrities though have different needs and for them, these mansions you’re about to witness not only contribute to their celebrity status, they’re actually -up to a point- a necessity.   Indeed, celebrities do have different needs than the rest of us mere mortals. They cannot simply go and live like a normal person and require security and staff to run their errands.

The cost of keeping these mansions is staggering. Utilities, home insurance, maintenance… I keep telling myself that they might sometimes wish to live a bit more like the rest of us but then again, when you’ve made so much money that you won’t be able to spend it during your remaining lifetime, perhaps it’s time spent away. And spend they do, these homes require fortunes just to keep them running, not to mention the cost of home insurance, security systems and the like. Let’s have a look.

Troy Aikman – $24 Million, Texas

Troy Aikman – $24 Million, Texas

Former Cowboys player Troy Aikman sold his estate for the price of $24 million after retiring in 2000. The 10,500 square foot mansion had arched glass doors, a covered patio, a garage that could fit 4 cars, and even a full-sized outdoor basketball court! The high-profile star doesn’t have to pay a mortgage, so even though the homeowner’s insurance probably costs quite a bit, he can easily afford this amazing property.

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