How can you earn money in 2022

Arguing on the topic of what you can make money on in 2022, it will be fair to single out several areas. Because it would be categorically wrong to talk about making money regardless of who has a soul for what. You also need to set a template that only projects with the minimal investment will be considered (fantasies on the topic of macro business are inappropriate here). So, let’s try to make the TOP-5 promising and interesting types of business to start and promote in 2022.

1. Work in an organized financial market

Any professional trader will tell you that entering the traditional stock market with less than a few tens of thousands of dollars of capital is either an outright risk or a frivolous game that is not aimed at achieving any impressive financial results. Indeed, the fluctuations on the classic stock markets (both Russian and foreign) are such that you can make good money on them only by working with financial leverage.

But with such work, the risk of losses is extremely high, when the price does not go in the calculated direction and the trader must finance the margin difference (which is multiplied by the amount of leverage). This is exactly what our own reserves are for – this is the correct ideology of building work in an organized market: from 1/5 to 1/10 of the available funds are spent on transactions with futures, and all the rest of the money finances the margin account. Not the cheapest idea!

However, there is a direction (in the field of organized markets) where it is possible to invest with smaller volumes. These are cryptocurrency exchanges. A feature of traditional sites is low volatility (with liquidity that suits a novice trader ). This is what forces them to work “at higher rates” and resort to operations with derivatives.

Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile in and of themselves. And if the market is sufficiently liquid (it is filled with capital, at least on the leading tickers), you can make good money in the spot segment, that is, working without leverage. You just need to make accurate predictions.

Without investments, of course, you will not be able to earn money here. But it will be quite enough to invest, for example, $300. If the strategies you build turn out to be viable, then you will very quickly be able to increase and diversify your capital investments.

2. Selling something handmade

If you choose the right topic, then this is definitely a business. Moreover, its specificity is that it is a way to earn money at home. Such conditions are suitable, in particular, for people with limited mobility: the disabled, pensioners (yes, in general, and everyone in general). There are plenty of examples of this kind of work:

  • Gingerbread baking (products are stored for a long time and can be prepared in reserve, for the holidays).
  • Manufacture of individual garments for both humans and animals (e.g. overalls for dogs).
  • Manufacture of inlaid and other decorative items made of wood.
  • Manufacture of decorative products from ornamental stones.

There are a lot of options here, and it would be more correct to note that here, whoever has more soul for something, chooses that direction. However, all these commercial activities have a common feature in terms of building business processes – they all require promotion on the Internet . All the types of production listed above have output products with a very high elasticity of demand (these are not essential goods and it is quite easy to do without them).

And this means that in order for an entrepreneur to have the necessary, “dense” flow of orders, he must constantly expand the circle of his potential customers. Word of mouth, of course, will help here, but an information and advertising campaign on the Internet will be much more effective.

Such a business requires the very minimum of investments (the means of production, as a rule, are available from the organizers). But the most expensive development item will be promotion on the World Wide Web, for which it is better to involve professional specialists.

The undoubted advantage of this type of income is that initially it will be possible to start small, content with minimum orders and finance the development of the site from the generated profit. By the way, any such business has an impressive profitability – hundreds of percent!

3. Engineering as a business format for high earnings

What else can you earn in 2022? It would be more correct to reformat the question: not on what, but how. The organization of private production in Russia is not honored. For various reasons, but in general, it is too risky, and even costly so that no savings for several generations will be enough. But it is possible that it is not production that needs to be organized, but processes.

Engineering is a business process design in which the organizing company takes on the management function at all stages of the formation of the final product. But the production facilities that carry out the refinement and redistribution of raw materials and semi-finished products are used on a leasehold basis.

In this case, the main function of such an engineering firm is to ensure sales, supply and logistics during the entire production cycle, which already significantly brings such a business project closer to reality. “Where to invest here, in the production of what product?” many will ask. Yes, whatever! The main thing here is that the product has a margin of profitability. But, as a rule, it is always there.

Now in Russia there is a trend towards the attention of the state authorities to high-tech industries and areas of production. So, it is precisely in such sectors with a high redistribution and a high share of added value that the “Klondike” is observed for the formation and development of the engineering business: negotiate with manufacturers cheaper, optimize processes and maximize profits!

Do not dissemble: the cost of organizing such a business is considerable. And it’s not even about money. An engineering enterprise should be a cohesive team of like-minded people, mainly engineers and marketers, who are obliged to work as a single mechanism (if you want, as a single fist). Only in this case it will be possible to achieve effective process dispatching and premium profitability of the production cycle.

It is the creation of such a team (and not the promotion of your company on the Internet) that should be given priority. If it works out, good, your business is going to be successful. If not, it’s best to leave it yourself!

(This section is based on the experience of the author).

4. Scope of providing administrative processes

It is possible that production in Russia is stagnating (or even shrinking), but the administrative apparatus is not. And we are not even talking about the notorious state bureaucracy, but about the numerous “office plankton” sometimes quite private companies that fill endless business centers and separately located offices. It is precisely on them that it is proposed to build a business, as on a grateful and quite solvent, as well as an endlessly growing consumer base.

First of all, we are talking about the organization of such a service as the delivery of meals to workplaces. Of course, you don’t need to cook anything yourself (it’s even forbidden, since cooking and selling it to an unlimited circle of people is a topic licensed and tightly controlled by various government agencies). You just need:

  • find the best in terms of price / quality / taste dishes offered by various canteens, cafes and restaurants;
  • purchase them at the best negotiated prices (negotiate discounts);
  • and organize logistics – the delivery of assembled meals (produced, respectively, by different manufacturers) directly to workplaces in offices.

With the implementation of the correct pricing policy, as well as with minimal effort to prepare ready-made dishes, it will be possible to obtain a significant profitability of the entire process as a whole, since (taking into account the implementation of these conditions) the notorious “restaurant margin” disappears and dishes become affordable to a wide range of consumers at a cost , even with your own margin.

What are the investments in rubles here? Firstly, they are minimal, and secondly, only in working capital (for the purchase of the first batches of dishes for delivery to customers and payment for logistics through well-known delivery services). The main investment here is a credit of trust from potential customers. It is necessary to achieve the conclusion of the first contract and try your best to make a name for yourself by offering quality and delicious food. To do this, you need to look for and try different dishes at various catering points exclusively on your own! By the way, this is a wonderful business for those who like to eat delicious food.

5. International e-commerce

We are talking about a banal but effective mediation on global organized commodity platforms, such as the eBay and AliExpress online auctions. And this business still has the potential to arouse economic interest for start-up entrepreneurs. Consider all the pros and cons of this “business idea”.

Let’s start with the benefits:

  • The Fundamental Economic Sustainability of an Idea. There are millions of such intermediaries in the world. And you are just one of many. Therefore, worries that you may not get a share of the market pie are absolutely groundless.
  • A large number of both buyers and sellers. In this case, there is a stable situation of mutual competition, where both key points of any business are resolved at once – both the lack of effective demand and the dictates of suppliers.
  • No need for its own infrastructure. To carry out such international trade, you do not need to organize your own warehouses and hire staff. All you need is a computer with the Internet and accounts on organized commodity platforms. The goods from the supplier can be immediately redirected directly to the final buyer ( dropshipping ).

You are only responsible for:

  • promotion and promotion of your accounts;
  • as well as the need to communicate with customers who are interested in your proposals.

But we can not remain silent about the shortcomings:

  • The dependence of your account (in which forces, funds are invested and, as some say, a piece of the soul) on the voluntaristic will of the site administration . Quite typical and common are situations in which accounts are blocked without explanation, and any constructive dialogue with the administration becomes impossible. This is the fundamental vulnerability of such a business.
  • Lack of guarantee of the constancy of the quality of goods by suppliers . The initial batches can be of high quality so that you will only receive accolades from your customers. But over time, the quality will begin to suffer, as well as your relationship with customers (their number will begin to decrease).
  • The entire financial infrastructure of such a business is concentrated on American settlement sites, which demonstrate outright hostility towards domestic clients. There is a threat at one moment to be left without all working capital due to a blocking imposed on the account. “Opening the jaws” in fact is almost impossible.

Summing up, it should be noted that it is not worth making a 100% bet on this type of activity – the risk of a global default is too high … It is for your accounts.


Many consider commerce as something frivolous, contemptuously calling it “buy-sell” and referring to commerce (and also to “show business”) as everything that is not “machines”. This is fundamentally wrong! After all, trading has always been an option to earn initial capital for the implementation of more complex investment projects with a much larger decrease in the liquidity of the resources involved.

At the present stage, there are many topics on which you can make money in 2022. However, choosing the one you like best, you should carefully analyze it for possible difficulties and threats. And you should also evaluate how you are able to cope with these threats.

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