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Julia Roberts – the only celebrity who correctly uses Instagram

Pretty Woman, told how she manages to cope with heathers and set new trends in social networks.

Julia Roberts opened an Instagram account ( @juliaroberts ) only at the age of 50 ─ in June 2018, and now secular observers admit that she maintains a microblog very competently, despite her novice status. While other celebrities complain about the flow of negativity on social networks, Julia has found a solution to the problem of haters and trolls. She called her strategy a faux boomerang and explained her principle.

In a few months ─ by the fall of 2018 ─ Julia had 3 million subscribers, but comments can only be seen from a small number of users, like Rita Wilson or Emma Roberts, that is, those to whom the actress subscribed. From the very beginning, “Pretty Woman” made it clear that she was not going to waste time on bickering with haters and trolls and simply turned off the possibility of commenting on her posts for the general public. According to secular observers, today is a good strategy in social networks, if you are a celebrity. By the way, as Roberts herself told before she started an Instagram account, she followed with interest what was happening in her colleagues’ accounts.

“If I didn’t immediately join the network, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t follow it. I just watched. Today I think Instagram ─ this is very cool! ”

Journalists noticed that actress Sarah Jessica Parker often communicates with fans in her Insta, and asked why Julia turned off comments on posts? The actress explained: This is a thing that I would have done badly. So I turned off the comments. It was also noted that Julia is fluent in the art of clap back (clap back is a joking response to criticism and attacks in social networks).

So, the case in September of 2018 is memorable when a picture of Joan Crawford in a pair with a picture of Roberts was published in The Vintage Costume Collector account. One user noted that Julia has an “ugly black nail polish”. The actress also retorted: “In fact, this is a dark blue lacquer with rhinestone-colored garnet to enhance the accent. Perhaps you would like to correct in your comment “ugly black nail polish” to “ugly navy blue nail polish with garnet-colored rhinestones”? I just clarify.

Roberts also told how she set a new trend in Insta, which was called the faux boomerang. The Boomerang app, which creates short, looped videos from a series of photos, appeared on social networks three years ago and during filming in Serbia, the husband of actress Daniel Moder sent his Boomerang to her and the children. Julia and the guys decided to send their own “boomerang”, but the star did not have the right application, and Roberts just recorded a video with repetitive movements.

What was the surprise of Julia when after a while the “fake boomerang” became very popular among American users? “I was a little late for the party, but now I’m here,” ─ the star said with satisfaction.

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