In front of the cameras and the entire crew!

Since childhood, every girl dreams that her first kiss will be like in the movies. And for someone it happens right in this very movie! Yes, not everyone had a first kiss for love. Some teenage actors had to kiss for the first time with a movie or TV partner – and right in front of the camera.

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Selena Gomez

  • First kiss – with Dylan Sprouse on the set of the TV series “All Tip-Top, or the Life of Zack and Cody” in 2005

Selena Gomez and the Sprouse brothers met on the set of All Tip-Top, or The Life of Zach and Cody when they were only 12 years old. As you already understood, the singer and actress had to give her first kiss to Dylan. And here’s the awkwardness: in a recent interview, Gomez admitted that she considers that day one of the “worst of my life.” Firstly, because Selena dyed in Cole and wanted to kiss with him, not with his twin. Secondly, because everything turned out far from perfect:

“I bent down to kiss him but closed my eyes too early. I ended up losing half of his lip. This is the most awkward kiss in the world, ” commented after Selena.

Millie Bobby Brown

  • First kiss with Finn Wolfhard on Stranger Things in 2016

12-year-old Millie’s first kiss coincided with the first kiss of Odie, the heroine the actress plays on the Netflix series. There was no romantic feeling between the guys, so they were very embarrassed. Still would! Such an important event, and in front of you is a guy from whom you have no butterflies in your stomach, and even cameras around – brrrr! But Millie Bobby Brown did it well. Later she admitted that before the day of “X” she practised kissing with a pillow 🙂

Macaulay Culkin

  • First kiss with Anna Klumsky on the set of the film “My Girl” in 1991

The star of the films “Home Alone” also had her first kiss on the set – during the production of the film “My Girl”. Initially, there was no scene with a kiss in the script, but the directors, seeing that the children worked together well, decided to add it. And although Culkin and Chlumsky himself later said that the sensations they had then were not very pleasant, the couple won an MTV Award for Best Kiss!

Dakota Fanning

  • First kiss – in the movie “Stylish thing” in 2002

Dakota’s first kiss happened at the age of seven! The girl shared it with Thomas Curtis – the children starred in the movie “Stylish Thing”. However, the lack of experience did not bother the little actress at all! She recalls that moment with warmth in her soul:

“I knew Tom well, so it was not at all difficult for me to kiss him.”

This is professionalism!

Mila Kunis

  • First kiss with Ashton Kutcher on the set of The 70s Show

It’s just incredible, but true: Mila Kunis gave her first kiss to a guy whom she married 14 years later! For the sake of filming in the project, the girl had to cheat and add 4 years to herself 🙂 Then Mila was 14, and Ashton was 19.

“Before the first kiss, I was very nervous and uncomfortable, but Ashton was very nice. He joked and made funny compliments ”, – admitted Kunis.