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The celebrity Meri Uzerli changed in such a way that it is difficult to recognize

Millions of women and men from all over the world are in love with the popular series “The Magnificent Age”. Beautiful actors, wonderful outfits, locations – everything causes delight. Actress Meri Uzerli after the release of the series in 2011 in an instant became famous.

She played a red-haired Roksolana, who had a bright appearance, she conquered Sultan Suleiman at first sight. Recently, however, the actress has changed a lot, fans can hardly recognize the star.

The girl dramatically changed the colour of the hair. Now she is a dark-haired beauty. In addition, the actress is very thin. Subscribers are sure that the Usually lost more than 10 kilograms in weight! On the set of the film “The Magnificent Century”, the actress was on the set for days, she didn’t even have time to quietly eat. She lost her diet, so she gained extra pounds.

Now built Meryem feels great. However, not all fans of the series appreciated the new image of the star. Many believe that the actress to face was red hair. Celebrity does not recognize what is her secret of slimness. However, everyone knows that uniform physical exertion and proper nutrition get rid of extra pounds.

Not everyone remembers why Meryem left the series. In 2013, she went to Berlin and did not return, although a few weeks remaining until the end of the shooting. Later, the actress said that she was very tired, the work was not her joy.

The producers were forced to find a replacement. Meriem does not regret his action. Now she is busy raising a daughter, Lara, who was born in the winter of 2014. Uzerla spends all his time with the girl, they travel together. Recently been to the Maldives. The actress often places wonderful pictures of the beaches.

On the personal life of the star does not like to talk. In her Instagram profile, frames with men rarely appear. However, some fans believe that the User has a chosen one, for the sake of which she keeps herself in great shape.

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