Top 10 Most Beautiful Russian Girls 2021

Show business does not stand still – eminent designers and modeling agencies turned out to be few of the fair sex aged 18 and older. Now fashion houses began to look for talents almost from the cradle, in order to nurture stereotyped beauties under their preferences and standards in the future.

There are undoubtedly many beautiful children in the world who deserve compliments and admiration. But doing business on little crumbs, forcing them to make languid looks and tint childishly plump lips is at least inhumane, and at most criminal.

Just think that a pure and innocent baby grows up with the thought that her natural data can be traded and sold at a higher price. Is there a chance for such a girl in the future to create a normal healthy family, or is another future closer, where she will have to sit on exhausting diets and climb on high heels just to maintain the image of a “beauty”?

Well, okay, let’s leave the lyrical digressions, because thinking parents will never scoff at their beautiful children, but will preserve their beauty and purity for future spouses.

Want to know who is the most beautiful 12-year-old girl in Russia and the world in 2021? We present to you photos of attractive teenagers and pretty Russian girls (9, 11, 13 years old), who, by the will of fate, were given up to be torn apart, oh, sorry, “education” by famous model houses.

These babies were included in the list of the most beautiful children in the world, and we can be proud that they are all from Mother Russia. Truly, the most beautiful children are born with us.

10. Anastasia Bezrukova

Young Nastenka is not a relative of the famous actor Bezrukov and received recognition for a completely different reason.

Yes, a girl from 8 years old has been working as a model thanks to her natural data. Nastya’s father is a lawyer, and her mother is an entrepreneur. Ambitious parents watch with delight as their daughter is invited to one photo session after another.

The girl is photogenic, so she is invited to advertise the products of world brands such as Moschino, Armani, Incanto, etc.

Anastasia Bezrukova herself is an active and sociable girl who is fond of rhythmic gymnastics and dances in the “Freckles” ensemble. The girl is not yet going to make a lifelong business out of the modeling business.

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