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10 Female Celebs Who Were Told They Weren’t Good Enough

As the practice of Hollywood and cinema in general shows, appearance is the hallmark of the set. Unfortunately, not always amazing acting talent and other skills help girls fulfill their dream of an acting career. Yes, castings are often cruel with their strict requirements for appearance – sometimes, for the sake of one role, it is necessary to recover or lose tens of kilograms in a short time, cut off gorgeous hair or make other sacrifices.

But at all times there were actresses who did not chase Hollywood standards and firmly believed that their talent would definitely be noticed. Believe it or not, it just happened – girls of ordinary appearance became world stars, who were admired not only by their generation but also by ours, as well as the future will surely be.

And tribute must be paid to honest and perspicacious directors who managed to find a “pearl” among hundreds of ordinary people passing through castings.

Interestingly, some actresses made their careers precisely because of their non-standard appearance.

Agree, not every actress will agree to play a “monster”, a psychopath, a transgender person, an elf, or just a “very ugly heroine.” But the heroines of our collection were ready for such sacrifices for the sake of their beloved.

Time to meet 10 ugly (by subjective standards) actresses of the world.

10. Elisabeth Moss

You know, fame works miracles. So, the star of the TV series “Mad Men”, which died down a dozen years ago, made Lisa Moss one of the most recognizable actresses. And the subsequent “Handmaid’s Tale” did not raise the most beautiful actress to the peak of her career.

Behind her back, the girl was always teased and called “ugly”, but after watching films, the attitude towards her appearance changed, for which one can thank her natural talent and charisma.

Because of his appearance, Moss had no problems with men. So, Moss was married, divorced, and had several novels.

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