Top 5 movies about love that drives you crazy

There are movies full of romantic, touching and tender love. There are also movies about crazy love that destroys anything that stands in its way. This kind of love may not be as beautiful as it is portrayed in romantic comedies, but it’s definitely worth seeing.

Bitter Moon

Bitter Moon is one of the hardest and toughest films about what love can do to people. A chance meeting on an early spring morning in a Paris bus determined the fate of Oscar and Mimi for the rest of their lives. They were not interested in sublime love – they wanted to explore their passion. And they succeeded to the point of complete self-destruction.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Love is both pain and fear of being rejected. Everything is so, and therefore the main character decides to erase his beloved from memory. Only when it comes to real feelings, you can’t just go and hit the delete button. Love hurts, yes. But it’s worth it.

Love Me If You Dare

This is a movie about love, but not at all the way we are used to seeing it. She is unhealthy, insane, devoid of frames and boundaries, and finally, destructive. The boy and the girl came up with a game “Love Me If You Dare” and took each other “weakly”. The game grew with them, and one day they became adults, but they could not stop.

Breaking the waves

This film is more like a parable about what unlimited love is capable of. A young girl, Bess, from a remote community in Scotland, fell in love with a good guy, Jan, who works on a rig at sea. Bess asks God to keep Jan by her side, and Jan returns to her crippled after an accident at the rig. Love Bess, who wants to save Ian, pushes her to such sacrifices that few can afford.


Matthew notices at the restaurant his ex-lover Lisa, who mysteriously disappeared two years ago and whose passion he is still obsessed with. Forgetting everything, Matthew steps on the path of deception and suspicion in order to hunt her down. He does not even suggest that blind love made him the victim of a virtuoso intrigue.

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