Why People Often Meet the Love of Their Life When They’re Not Looking

A lucky coincidence? Or are there other, deeper reasons why things are happening this way?

When it comes to a happy relationship, you can often hear: “I met my love when I wasn’t even looking for it.” Often there are other stories, such as: “I already put an end to my personal life, but then unexpectedly I met her.”


Even people who are opposite in character can suddenly meet and fall in love with each other. This can happen in line at the checkout, at work, at a friend’s wedding, or just during your morning run.

In such cases, it seems as if happiness falls on their heads just like that. And when someone asks them what they had to do to find their love, they will answer: “I was just lucky.”

But are they really lucky, or do they have other, deeper reasons for such a lucky coincidence?

In fact, there are at least 7 reasons why people meet the love of their life exactly when they least expect it.

1. They don’t pretend.

When people stop looking for love on purpose, they lose the point of looking perfect or trying to pass themselves off as someone they are not. This pressure disappears and they have the opportunity to straighten their shoulders. Such people begin to live their own lives and just be themselves.

When it comes to new acquaintances, such people prefer to enjoy communication without any “buts”. They don’t worry about pleasing the other person, pleasing him in something, or appearing cheerful. This helps the couple to unconsciously manifest their true self. And therefore people are drawn to each other.

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