YouTuber Posts Video Of Himself Kissing His ‘Sister’ For A Prank

The Web crossed the line as long past, it is barely visible from where we are standing.

Welcome to 2019, everybody.

Yes in a video titled ‘KISSING MY ACTUAL SISTER PRANK’,” YouTuber Chris Monroe made a decision to guarantee family dinners would not ever be the same again by making out with the girl he claims is his sibling, Kaitlyn O’Connor.

He does point out in the beginning that she’s his half-sister’ like that’s going to make the claim no less gross.

The whole movie – everything about it, in fact – is a challenging watch. Nevertheless, there is a range of factors to take under the account.

1) Many PrankInvasion movies seem to be staged (this one included).
2) There are a number of individuals who state that the girl is actually his cousin, not his sister (still fuckin’ bizarre ).
3) Even if she was his relative, how is it a prank?

Can you see how the pair of them were heading for this? Surely, surely, no two people who are related could find this intimate with one another and have a grin on their faces afterwards. It just does not add up.

Credit: PrankInvasion/YouTube

Credit: PrankInvasion/YouTube

Legitimacy aside, the movie surely makes for uneasy viewing. Just the very idea of a brother and sister sticking their tongues down each other’s throats is sufficient to get that gag reflex going.

The viewers agreed. “This made me so unclean that I feel Iike bleaching my eyeballs and bathe my whole body with a Brillo pad,” said one, while the other pointed out, “This is definitely not the first time they have done this.”

A third wrote: “Half-sister, complete sister, quarter sister, a half-pound sister… Y’all NASTY.”

Well, that’s enough Web for now.