12 Things NO Self-Respecting Woman Should Put Up With From A Man

“You can put up with a man who makes mistakes. The question is, does he respect you?”

Almost every happy family has a skeleton in their closet. Every happy couple you know probably knows about it. We often hear about couples who are struggling to maintain their relationship and stay true to their marriage vows. No less often do we hear about couples who part for the slightest reason – for them marriage ceases to seem serious, and love begins to look outdated.

But isn’t it inspiring to you when you hear about couples living in marriage until they die? They go against everything, go through many trials and overcome any temptations because their love for each other is very strong. She is “eternal” and does not pay attention to the faults or shortcomings of each partner.

In a sense, our instinct to “forgive” a partner for his mistakes is fair. We don’t want to cling to the past. You don’t want to be cruel when you need to show love. The only way to keep a marriage alive is to be willing to forgive, compromise, and love your partner, despite all his wrongdoings.

The moment of truth: can you forgive? Should you be willing to forgive anything? And is there a tipping point when you can say, “Enough is enough!” or, in the words of Gloria Gaynor, “Now go out the door? Just turn your back on him, because you are no longer welcome here! “

If the answer is yes, then this is the tipping point. This is where your man begins to show you disrespect, reaching the level of violence and neglect. And, unlike what you might think now, this violence is not physical at all. Any of the 12 toxic and emotional behaviors listed below will betray your trust. In such cases, every self-respecting woman would have to leave, because a man who does such a thing, thereby reveals his true face.

1. He constantly lies to you about himself and about where he is.

If he cannot be honest with you, then real intimacy between you is also impossible. How can you even believe him if he is insincere even in basic things?

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