12 Things NO Self-Respecting Woman Should Put Up With From A Man

12. He asks you to do something and then punishes you for not doing it.

If he has a list of things you must do for him, and he reacts violently when you “failed” to do them, consider that you are meeting with a dictator. Advise him to invade Poland and leave as soon as possible.

Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish a man with a handicap from a man who is prone to narcissism and violent behavior. Remember that relationship health is reflected in how you feel most of the time. The inappropriate man will make you feel abnormal, guilty, and will try to drive you into a state of constant stress and chaos. But here’s the thing – you don’t have to tolerate this kind of relationship. When a man begins to criticize your opinion, ignore your values ​​and yourself, it means that you finally see what he really is.

You can put up with a man who makes mistakes. The question is, does he respect you? Does he do everything he can to make you happy and your life better? Is he trying to make up and is he ready to let go of grievances? Or is his point of view and requirements always in the first place?

If he doesn’t respect you, show yourself respect and end this one-sided relationship. Let him mature by focusing on finding the man who truly deserves you.


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