7 Signs That You’re in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Love is anything but fear. You should feel completely safe in his arms, in his presence you should not be afraid to be yourself.

When it comes to violence in a relationship, it is not always possible to recognize which partner is violent towards the other the first time. Moreover, violence is not always physical and obvious. It often takes the form of violent mind games and insidious manipulation. And these manipulations are perhaps the most dangerous type of violence, as they affect the victim quietly and imperceptibly, and at the same time can significantly worsen his life in the long term.

Unfortunately, many people simply do not notice the emotional abuse from their partners. For some inexplicable reason, they remain completely blind to the emotional hell in which they live every minute of their lives. And therefore, it is very difficult for them to free themselves from the nightmarish influence that their partner-manipulators have on them.

However, for those who cannot realize that they have long ago become someone’s victim, there is still hope. No one in this world deserves to be someone’s puppet with whom you can do anything. And if you have even the slightest suspicion that your partner may commit emotional abuse against you, you need to remain vigilant in his presence and try to soberly assess everything, then he does to you – and why he does it. But first of all, you need to know the main signs that violence of this kind is being committed against you.

So, here are some of the most obvious signs that your partner is manipulating you without your knowing it.

1. He constantly makes you feel guilty.

Experienced manipulators know exactly what to say to make their partners feel guilty about what is happening, even if the real fault lies with them. They, like no one else, are full of anger for the whole world, and therefore they perfectly know how to make those around them their victims, and to shift the blame on them for all their mistakes.

Is your partner hinting that you are the only one to blame for all the problems in your relationship? Or maybe it also pushes you to think that you are supposedly spoiling your own life? If the answers to all of these questions are yes, then it is very likely that he is deliberately manipulating you in an attempt to control your emotions.

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