7 Signs That You’re in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

2. He is often rude to you, but never yells at you.

When you raise your voice, it usually indicates that something is making you angry or that you are upset about something. When you conflict with your partner for some reason that is important to you, especially when you are convinced that you are right, but your opponent does not admit it, we can all cry out and throw a tantrum. This, of course, is not something to be proud of, but this is how our minds are arranged, and sometimes nothing can be done about it. However, experienced manipulators and people prone to emotional abuse easily disguise their rudeness with soft words and a soft tone of voice.

So even if your partner does not yell at you, and, moreover, practically does not raise his voice, you should listen to what exactly he is telling you. It is possible that he almost openly insults you, but you do not take it as an insult, because he does not scream, yell, and does not use a “mocking” tone of voice … and meanwhile, his words penetrate your subconscious.

And even if you, unable to withstand the insults, break out and shout at him, it will be very easy for him to make you the aggressor, turning his words into a joke. Believe me, the way your significant other speaks to you can tell a lot about how they feel about you and their relationship with you.

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