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9 Actresses Who Went Bald For Movie Roles

It’s weird how much power we give to hair this day and age. Long hair remains praised on women, and if we cut it short it is still thought of as a controversial move. Especially when it’s carried out by celebrities. It’s surprising just how much folks care about a person’s hair or lack of it, and also the reason why they feel the need to voice their own viewpoints on it. So, as you can probably imagine, as soon as a celebrity chooses to shave all of her hair off — it is a HUGE deal. Let’s look at 10 actresses who went bald for movie roles.

9. Tilda Swinton in Doctor Strange


If you’ve seen Doctor Strange you are going to understand that Tilda plays the Ancient One’ and is totally bald at the movie. Using a film that depends heavily on special effects you’d think she could’ve only worn out a bald cap or used some special effects or smth, but no, Tilda decided to really shave her head to be able to make her character look more authentic. Being the most adorable lady that she is, Tilda shaved her head and kept it secret since “It would be such fun if people don’t know anything.”

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