How Women Control Men – 5 Tricks To Master Mans Mind

Catch him on the hook. In a good way!

When it comes to sexual attraction, one thing I definitely enjoy more than anyone else, and that is to have complete control of a man’s thoughts. Of course, you can charm him with your body, offer him your favorite drink and dish, or keep him in bed for several hours in a row. However, it will be much more effective just to get into his head.

And being in his head means that he thinks about you every second of his time. That he is passionate and focused only on you.

While all of this can happen on its own, you can speed up the process with the following subtle tricks.

1. Be interesting.

Of course, you can’t interest absolutely everyone, but there are ways to improve communication skills with those who like you. The secret to a good conversationalist is listening.

If you think that the essence of a conversation is to reach out to a person, speak to him as loudly as possible, and always be right, then with this approach you will lose (or have already lost) many people who have sympathy for you. So learn to listen.

If you want to win his heart and capture his thoughts, listen to him first. Ask about his interests, feelings, and desires. Gather as much information as you can about what turns him on, both physically and intellectually.

With this information, you can start communicating on topics that he likes, and this will make him love your company even more.

But the above does not mean at all that you should sacrifice your own interests. Ideally, you want to find topics that interest both of you. You, too, should have fun, and any conversation is much easier to maintain if you are fascinated by its topic.

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