How Women Control Men – 5 Tricks To Master Mans Mind

2. Catch him on the hook.

So you’ve got his attention. He listens to you, answers you and easily talks about himself. He trusts and is comfortable with you. It’s fine! Now you can proceed to the next step.

If he is interested in you, then it will not be difficult to keep him on the hook. Just push it a little bit with flirting.

Is your boyfriend distinguished by intelligence, daydreaming and erotic fantasies? Then sexting is a great way to lure him in. If he loves to fantasize, send him some of your sexy selfies.

Always stay true to yourself. If you are not used to talking openly about your own desires, you can hint at them a little. But if you enjoy being active, then it should be easy to tell your partner in the eyes how much you want to kiss him.