TOP 20 most beautiful actresses in Russia

TOP 20 most beautiful actresses in Russia in 2018: ranking with photos

It is impossible to name one most beautiful actresses. After all, everyone has their own concept of beauty. Some are attracted by expressive eyes, others by regular facial features, and still others put a smile first. But, be that as it may, among Russian actresses there are a lot of those who can be called the most beautiful. Here’s just a small list of the most beautiful actresses in Russia.

Agnia Ditkovskite

An alluring smile and piercing gaze immediately made the actress famous. Her first role in the film Heat made her famous. And this despite the fact that Agnia does not have a theater education. For some time, the actress took a creative break, which seriously worried her fans. But very soon she returned to the set, starring in the films “On the Game”, “Agent”, “Rejection” and others.

Katerina Shpitsa

The girl began her creative career on the theater stage, but then directors noticed her and invited her to star in their films. In addition, Katerina can often be seen on various television shows, for example, “Just the Same” and “Ice Age”. Her acting career began with the film Adam and the Transformation of Eve.

Anna-Cecile Sverdlova

Since childhood, the girl dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but after graduating from school, she decided to enroll in a theater institute. After graduation, she played in the theater, and in 2004 she was invited to the cinema. Sverdlova’s first notable work was the painting “The Aroma of Rose Hips.”

Anastasia Mikulchina

Anastasia was made famous by director Viktor Merezhko, who invited her to play in his film “Sonka the Golden Hand.” After the premiere of the series, Nastya woke up famous. Her famous works also include filming in the TV series “The Dawns Here Are Quiet.”

Natalia Rudova

Rudova began acting in films not so long ago. But in a short period of time, the actress managed to acquire a solid army of fans. And all thanks to her natural beauty and ideal figure. She is always cheerful and sweet, which attracts the attention of others. To date, Natalya has already starred in 20 films, the most famous of which was her role in the TV series “Univer”.

Christine Asmus

The shy blonde captivated her fans with her pretty face and good nature. One of her notable roles was her work in the series “Interns.” In 2010, Glamor magazine named Christina “Actress of the Year.”

Tatiana Arntgolts

Smart and beautiful – that’s how everyone characterizes Tatyana. The spectacular blonde, whom nature has endowed with aristocratic features, a pretty smile and expressive eyes, has starred in both TV series and small episodes. Her most famous works were the paintings “Madhouse”, “Next” and “Marriage by Will”.

Alina Lanina

Viewers first saw her on screen in 2006, when the film “Detectives” with her participation was released. FSB”, where she played a role in the episode. And for some time she was exclusively a supporting actress. 2013 was a successful year for Alina, when she received one of the main roles in the series “Secrets of the Institute of Noble Maidens.”

Anna Snatkina

Anna managed to become successful and famous in just a couple of years. In 2005, she was invited to play leading roles in several TV series, including “Doomed to Be a Star.” In 2011, MAXIM magazine included her in the list of the sexiest women in Russia.

Anna Gorshkova

Anna’s main qualities, which she skillfully uses, are her dazzling smile and sweet look. For the first time, the viewer was able to see her in the series “Poor Nastya”, after which she starred in “Dear Masha Berezina”, “Two Fates”, etc.

Nastasya Samburskaya

Nastasya doesn’t have many roles yet, the most famous of which is in the TV series “Univer. New dorm.” But, despite this, her fans noticed in the girl not only her beauty and inner magnetism, but also her acting talent. Samburskaya, in addition to films, appears in music videos and performs on the theater stage.

Svetlana Hodchenkova

She is bright and expressive, so she was noticed not only by Russian, but also by Hollywood directors. Svetlana has many different titles and awards. And one of her last works was a role in the film “Wolverine: The Immortal,” where Khodchenkova played along with the famous Hugh Jackman.

Ekaterina Klimova

Klimova became popular not only because of her expressive look, but also because of her charisma. She is called a fragile, gentle, feminine and incredibly beautiful woman. Ekaterina has already managed to star in more than 50 films, the most popular of which was “We are from the Future.” In addition to the silver screen, she can be seen on the theater stage.

Marina Alexandrova

Alexandrova’s extraordinary beauty amazes and fascinates at the same time, distinguishing her from many beautiful women. Many envy her flawless figure, gorgeous hair, perfect facial features and genuine sparkle in her eyes. Marina actively acts in films, plays in the theater and participates in various reality shows.

Anna Khilkevich

The mischievous and cheerful girl became famous after filming in “Univer”. This blonde captivated the audience not only with her beauty, but also with her intelligence and acting talent. Therefore, it is not surprising that the director of the film “Yolki” noticed her and invited her to star in his film.

Anna Mikhailovskaya

Anna first started acting in films while still a student. She played her first role in the films “Kadetstvo”. After that, she appeared in “Margosha” and “The Most Beautiful.” Mikhailovskaya not only has a talent for acting, but also a sweet face, which made her very popular among Russian viewers.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya

At the very beginning, she was called nothing more than “Boyarsky’s daughter.” Therefore, Lisa had to make enormous efforts to prove to everyone that she was not just the child of a talented actor. Her first job was filming the film “First After God.” After that, she starred in the films “Admiral”, “The Irony of Fate. Continued”, “Five Brides” and many others. The actress does not consider herself a beauty and never ceases to assert that the main thing in a person is not his external data, but his inner world.

Anna Kalashnikova

She can be called a multifaceted personality since Anna was simultaneously involved in different things – she acted in films, was the face of the SOSU company, ran the ELLO Internet channel and recorded soundtracks for films.

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